School Fees and Levies


For Australian residents and citizens, our family fee is $1650.00 per year (2019). This fee is reviewed annually.

As a Catholic parish primary school we always aim to keep tuition fees as low as possible. Government funding covers 80% of the total running costs of the school. It is our goal to ensure that Catholic Education is accessible to all families who share its philosophy and aims.

In addition, we charge levies for each child. This is used to provide curriculum programs and equipment.

For families who hold a Healthcare Card, there are generous discounts available. You just need to ask!

Families who do not hold a Healthcare Card may be able to access financial assistance by making an appointment with the Principal. Easy payment methods are provided.


Students are assessed regularly. If there are questions about a child’s progress, parents are invited to meet and to discuss ways we can support learning. The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) is a new way that the school can access additional federal government funding to support students who have learning needs. Parents and school work in close partnership through communication and meetings each term to monitor progress.


Students and their families do not need to be Catholic to be welcomed at St Mary Magdalen’s. We are the only school within the Parish boundary and a 2km radius. We have therefore always aimed to serve the whole community. We have children from many faiths in our school. We welcome enrolments from families who want an education based on sound values of dignity, respect and the flourishing of each person.


Our program is based on the Victorian Curriculum.

Information on the MySchool Website shows that we are improving our results all the time and that we compare favourably with the combined cohort of schools within the state. Our students have diverse learning needs and we subscribe to the belief that all students have entitlement to learning growth. We strive to present a program that caters for diverse needs, capabilities and interests.


The school has enacted the Child Safe Standards and reinforces a culture of safety.

We believe that all students need to learn the skills of social and emotional wellbeing. In line with our ReLATE program we are creating a culture of non-violence, social responsibility, social learning, emotional intelligence, democracy, open communication, change and growth.  (LINK TO RELATE INFO)

We have a comprehensive student wellbeing program with a fulltime staff member employed to lead the social/emotional wellbeing program and to also provide chaplaincy services to students.

We access psychological services when needed. We also access the services of specialists in speech therapy and psychological assessments through Catholic Education Melbourne as needed.

All staff members are trained in First Aid.

Where do the students from St Mary Magdalen's go to secondary school?

If parents choose a Catholic secondary education, our boys have entry into Salesian College, Chadstone. Girls have access to Avila College in Mt Waverley.

Other Catholic Colleges are Mazenod, St Kevin's or De La Salle Colleges for boys. Sacred Heart or Sienna for girls.

Emmaus College is a Catholic co-ed college and it also accepts our students.

Government Secondary Colleges are Mt Waverley College and Ashwood College. Both are co-ed and accept students from our school.

Will my child be ready for secondary school?

Students who graduate from St Mary Magdalen’s are not only equipped for their next stage of learning, they are prepared for life!

We look forward to what is foundational and functional for learning today and participation in the workforce and community of the future. Our curriculum aims to teach students how to be literate, numerate and also how to contribute positively to the community.

Our religious education program teaches that as people of faith, we aim to make a positive difference in our world. To act justly and ethically and to be spiritual people. Our students who are Catholic are well equipped to participate in the Catholic Faith Community.

Do you have Out of School Hours Care?

Yes. Our OSHC program is exemplary and is facilitated by Camp Australia. It operates from 7.00 until 8.30 in the morning and from 3.30 until 6.00 in the afternoon.

Subsidies apply to eligible families.

We expect all families to register for OSHC for that time when you might need extra assistance with child care after school hours.