Child Safety

St. Mary Magdalen’s Parish Primary School strives to provide an effective age appropriate child safety program for all students in our school.

We have a long standing relationship with the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and promote their vision:

“Today we build a future where children are free from harm and abuse.”

The teaching of Protective Behaviours through the Daniel Morcombe Curriculum and our Community Day for Daniel have become a significant, annual event in the school calendar for delivering a child safety program at our school and within the community.

The key messages promoted are:

  • I have the right to feel safe and be safe all day and all night.
  • My body belongs to me
  • I can take action on every problem
  • I can talk about anything with people I trust
  • I can persist in taking action to improve my own and others safety
  • A trusted adult must seek to keep me safe.

St Mary Magdalen's is a child safe school, with the development of a whole school culture of child safety in compliance with the Victorian Child Safe Standards, Ministerial Order No. 870 and the Reportable Conduct Scheme.